In recent years, there has been growing interest and high demand for Ethanol. Proven environmental friendly and economic benefits, ethanol has become an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. Ethanol has been taken on prominence as one of the most favored alternatives to fossil fuel. Ethanol as a renewable fuel burns more cleanly than gasoline or diesel fuel and produce lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions that created global warming and climate change.

During Climate Change Convention held In Bali, the global experts predicted the fossil fuel (petrol, diesel, jet fuel) would be facing depletion and the cost become high to achieve USD 285 per barrel in 2015, which affecting the starting year of declining global oil production or other wise production that not meet world demand. Recently those predictions have shown crystal clear to be true, the increasing price of crude oil such as USD 142 per barrel (End Jun 2008) had struck hard to the global economy impact. Price of gasoline and goods are increasing higher each time same as the crude oil price changes in the global market. The forcing of upcoming bio fuel to replace fossil fuel is one of the main factors that implicated the amplified of the world crude oil price. Today the price is still high even it fluctuate each time.

PIONEER BIO INDUSTRIES CORPORATION SDN. BHD. (PBIC) a subsidiary of Pioneer Vaccination Biotech Corporation Sdn. Bhd., holds the intellectual patent for the technology of producing ethanol from the sap of the Nypa Fruiticans palm, commonly known as “nypa palm” or mangrove palm. This production of ethanol bio fuel from “nypa” is the first of its kind in the world. The substance of “nypa” is known to have higher yield production of ethanol per hectare, compared with other feedstock's such as corn in USA, sugar cane in Brazil, tapioca in China or sugar beet in Europe.

The development of substantial AGRO-INDUSTRY AND BIO-REFINERIES FOR PRODUCING ETHANOL AS BIO FUEL FROM NYPA FRUITICANS TREE would mean new market synergy for the world to face challenge to fulfill energy source requisite. It also would create new global wealth source and as an economic spin-off effect to the world. With all the requirements for its development, constructions and operations of ethanol production plants, it would able to lift, to improve, to strengthen and to diversify rural economic income in the world.


Nypa Fruiticans unlike other feed stocks does not have season cycles. It can be harvested all year round, and does not need harvesting/milling and replanting cycles.

For every hectare, as minimum as 1,800 liters of ethanol can be produced daily. For 10,000 hectares, as much as 6.48 billion liters of bio fuel ethanol can be produced every year. This production is almost as much as the total of 6.94 billion liters of ethanol produced by Asian countries in 2005.

We looking forward to expand our business rapidly with the US corporation that seem to have keen interest to develop nypa plantation and bio fuel industries, Also will included corporation from Europe that previously supported us financially and follow close by India, China, Middle East, Brazil and all other around the globe.

We believe Nypa Fruticans project soon will be a remarkable project to the world because it seem like there are no other plant/crop that so much green in reality, environmental friendly,  practically & economically to produce sugar (later ethanol etc) without involving carbon emission especially air effluent, land deforestation, chemical input, pollution, waste and any other harm rather than Nypa Fruticans Plant.

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